starter problems

Ok I read you guys posts on starter problems with the 03 and this is my story. I bought the bike over a year ago. I rode it one time and then had several surgeries. I decided to change some parts and add the trick dual sport kit. Everything on the dual sport kit works and today the battery was charged and the bike kicked over 30 times or so and not a damned thing. NOTHINg. Went to the electric for a few jabs and not a damned thing. Headed for the spark plug but the damned thing is burried under a rubber boot and then a plastic shaft with Nippon denso on the top and a 2 prong plug. I thought I could check the current and see if the plug was getting spark. Gas is fine. I bought the bike used and no tools came with it so I sitting here at the computer waiting for some help from you the wise the expereinced and the helpful. Thanks in advance Pam :naughty:

If the bike sat around a lot then the carb jets are gummed up and fuel is not getting to the engine. Check that you have fuel no older than 3 months and also that your battery kicks out a full charge. Put in a new plug as well. :naughty:

Thanks how do I get the plug out? I don't have any of the yamaha tools that came with the bike? The bike did not sit around with gas in it. I took the tank off before I began working on it so it had no fuel in it maybe a tad in the carb. Bike has only a few hours on it like new. Thanks very much.

You need the Yamaha special tool to get the plug out. go to the dealer and order one.

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