Need advice on '05 XR650L Oil Change please!

My 2005 XR650L has about 300 miles on it and I'd like to do the first oil change. I already bought K&N oil filters, and I have service manual, but to be honest with you guys, I'm more of a rider than a mechanic, and I'd really appreciate some help with HOW to do the oil change. I don't even know where the filter goes!

I've already read over some of the previous threads and they've been great, but what I really need is some specific instructions on how to do it.


1. Run the bike for 5 minutes

2. immediately remove the plug on the underside of the filler tube and then...?

THANK YOU in advance!

And then.... What about the owners manual or the service manual, Doe's it not tell you how to change filter,And show where its at.....It should........... Do you have a torque wrench..

You need to drain all the oil, change filter, add correct amount of oil,start , check for leaks, and recheck the oil level according to the book....

You may need the torque wrench for the filter cover and drain plug.....

Or get a buddy to help you..... :naughty:

The way I change the oil on my 93 XR650L is the way I learned from a Honda mechanic and the manuals. Here it is.

1. Warm the bike up to operating temperature.

2. Shut off engine and remove the oil drain bolt on the lower frame by the exhaust pipes, fully drain.

*Remove oil stainer nut from underneath frame oil reservoir (just under drain bolt, right after frame U's off), clean and re-install with new o-ring.

3. Put back in drain plug, torque to specs, then remove the oil drain from the bottom of the case (left side near shifter), fully drain.

4. Replace oil plug bolt. Torque to specs.

5. Remove oil filter cover, right side of case (3 hex bolts). Watch for alignment notch.

6. Remove filter and replace with new exactly as the old one came out.

7. Replace cover, the exact same direction it came off, align notch.

8. Torque cover bolts to specs (see service manual).

9. Add 2 quarts of Honda factory recommended oil, start bike idle for a minute, shut off and check immediately, add oil if necessary.

Hope this helps, but still check your service manual for any differences in procedure.

Hey thanks man, that's exactly what I need! Much appreciated.

Please read post again. I forgot a step between 2 and 3. Sorry it was 1:30 in the morning. I have been told that this step of removing the oil strainer nut and cleaning is needed every 3000 miles. But offroad miles may be different.

If you do remove the strainer at the bottom of the frame, use a deep SIX POINT socket. It is torqued to about 40lbs and has thread locker on it. If you try to get it out with anything but a SIX POINT deep socket, you'll likely round it off and never get it out.

After cleaning it, be sure to torque it to spec. I don't think you have to replace the o-ring unless it's damaged. My o-ring is still fine at >38K miles, and that strainer's been out and reinstalled several times.

I certainly don't do it every 3,000 miles though. Mostly just after having had the engine open (once for clutch, once for cam chain replacement) and a couple other times. It was clean every time except for after installation of the new clutch.

9. Add 2 quarts of Honda factory recommended oil, start bike idle for a minute, shut off and check immediately, add oil if necessary.

Be careful adding 2 qts. directly into the frame. It can probably hold that much but about half or more of the oil is for the crankcase. You don't want oil cascading down the frame and beween the tank because you overfilled the frame.

For dry sumps, it's "usually" best to add the oil in 2 steps. I've always added about 1.5 qts, started the bike and let it idle for a few minutes, then added the remaining .5-.7 qts. It's much easier to add oil than it is to remove it. Been there before...

I put in one quart, run it, then add another. It always ends up just a little low (assuming I have changed the filter). Then I top it off. Usually takes about 2.3 quarts.

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