Footpeg Lowering

undefinedWhats the trick to lowering the footpegs? Does it affect or put any more stress on the return springs?

no it works great.

Take your pegs off and look at them. There is a barrel that is on the underside of the peg. Cut the barrel off and move it to the top of the peg, no need to weld them back together. Swap springs from right to left side, flip them upside down and reinstall everything. Remember that you'll need to readjust your brake pedal and shifter also.

I have heard bad things about not welding them back on. can anyone comment on that.

Parx- several of us have done the peg mod without welding them back together with no problems. Ask Fastest1, I believe he didn't have his re-welded, and he's no little guy! :naughty: John where ya at???

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