Thanks for info on jetting, fuel screw and Lowedog AIS removal kit

It's been raining the last 3 days so I thought it was time to rejet with the JD jetting kit, Zip-ty fuel screw and Lowedog AIS removal kit. I have to admit before I tackled this little project I was a little hesitant being I have never rejetted anything or pounded aluminum plugs into an expensive cylinder head before. Thanks to all the forum user input I have read, it gave me confidence and motivation to perform the work. :D By the way I already have done the free mods and PMB insert.

I just got to ride it for the first time since completing the work and was very surprised at the difference. :naughty: All I can say it was well worth it to me :D Now I understand much better what running lean means, give me a little rich anyday. Thanks again for all your help. :naughty:

Next is the Boyesen Quickshot and #40 leakjet.

One thing I really noticed was that I had to turn the idle adjustment screw up probably a full turn. Is this normal?

idle circuit may be lean. Try a 48 pilot, 1.75 turns on the fuel screw. You will find that on your current set up after riding you will have a high idle and have to turn it down later. sign of a lean circuit. :naughty:

Thanks for the input, I'm confused a little. Sorry, I should have given more info. I'm a rookie to this jetting stuff but I used JD's recomendations for 900' ASL, i.e. blue needle #3, main jet 170 and 1.5 turns out on fuel screw. I removed the snorkel and put in PMB insert along with Lowedog's AIS removal kit. I figured I would be on the rich side at all throttle positions and just have to deal with a slight hesitation at 0 to 1/4 throttle openings (hopefully the #40 leak jet and quickshot will rid me of that).

I assume then that I have a 45 (stock) pilot now, sorry didn't check but reading the Jetting D-Base it seems that way. So this gives me a slower idle than with stock jetting because it may be a lean idle circuit? :naughty:

Thanks for the help, I can see why it's fun to tinker with these things, especially when the weather is less desireable, Jeff

I pulled out my 45 and put in a 48, changed the leak to 40 and put in the JD Red #5-My bike runs perfect!! Get rid of the 45 :naughty:

I did a search for the pilot jet #48 part number and found this "The stock pilot jet (Yamaha calls this the slow jet?) I believe is a 45, but the diagram gives a part number for the 48 [4MX-14948-06-00]." Is this correct?

Thanks in advance, Jeff

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