Missing Electrical part? (WR400F)

First off let me say that this is truly an amazing web site

To make a long story short...my 2000 Yamaha WR400F was stolen. I

recovered it 30 mins later. However, in that time the sleazy b#&^ard

cut the wires to my ignition key, and tried to hotwire it.

Here's the problem I have 5 wires coming out of the ignition key and two

going back to the bike. So what did he cut off? Are these extra wires

to be used on diff. models?

If any one has any ideas? Or same model, please take a look about 5"

down from the key. Or if any one has a wiring diagram they could look

at? Every wiring diagram on the net doesn't show the ignition key.

Thanks ahead of time.


First off, the WR didnt have a key. Someone added it it appears. I suspect the 2 wires going back to the bike are the only ones needed. The switch had other features for which ever bike the key was bought for, but not being used here, ie acc, run, park lamp etc. You should be able to see where they hooked it up. Find the mate to the cut wires from the bike, using the "2" that go back to the bike.

I'm pretty sure my bike is from Japan. Maybe its an option there. I have wired it back up and it runs ok now. I was just curious if something important was cut off?


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