Handlebar Recomendations?

Well, I managed to bend the heck out of the stock steel handlebars on my WR400F today doing some heavy trail riding. The bike does turn to the right excellent though. I'm looking to buy some good aftermarket handlebars but I don't want to change out the clamps because I don't have a lot of cash. So a stock fit is a must but strength is also a priority. I've heard that Renthal and ProTaper make fairly good products. Which one of these would you guys recommend or if there is a better company out there I'm totally open to suggestions at this point.

Either of the ones you mentioned would be great. I have had both on my 04. Overall I like the Twinwalls from Renthal more although I cant really tell you why. I guess they just 'feel' better to me. The Pro Tapers are a little cheaper however. Like someone said on here before, try to find someone who has them, and sit on their bike and see which you like. Good luck. :naughty:

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