16 Teeth up front? Need more speed.

I am wondering if anyone has tried putting a 16 tooth front sprocket on a yz426 without having to modify it at all? I am going down to mexico and need to keep up with the 650's on the straights.

i dont think it will fit. i have a 15 up front and it is close to the ase guard. just go down on the rear. i feel your pain brother, those 650s can be a bitch. "get um in the woops and the tight stuff"

I switch between the 14teeth and 15teeth depending if I go to the track or to the desert and I leave the back stock. But I really don't feel much of a difference when I switch them.

get a WR transmission... buy the 16 tooth sprocket, and if it doesnt fit, return it, then buy a smaller rear sprocket. You can also buy a TeraFles rear tire, it adds about 12 pounds to the rear wheel, and raises the gearing a lot. How do you plan on going that fast with a 426? Good luck.

Thanks guys.

As some have already mentioned, I'm pretty sure the 16 would not clear the case.

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