94 XR 600 Engine Lock-Up

The bike idled on its side for 30 seconds or so with its wheels uphill and died when it was picked up (I think because he didn't grab the clutch). After that the engine was locked and the kicker with it. We tried to bump start it with no luck and the sound of gears skipping teeth :naughty: Is this a seizure? I was hoping that maybe the flywheel jammed or something, I haven't opened it up yet, but drained the oil (black without metal filings), the tranny seems to be working, though it was giving my friend fits, then he broke the shifter off (the shaft, not the lever), but I can change gears with pliers.

I'm looking for any input at all here :naughty:

The only input I see right now is to start tearing it apart, Gotta fix that shift shaft.......Let us know what you find......

if u have any suspicion that ur bike is siezed, NEVER, EVER, EVER, try to start it in any way...u will do huge amounts of damage..... what was only a chipped piston skirt can go to a scratched bore, smashed crank, broken rod etc. etc. if u try to start the bike

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