flakes in my filter

I just bought a used 01 426 it's in excellent shape.It's got tons of power top and bottom.I done my first oil change on it today and there was a fair bit of metallic flakes in it.The dealership where i got it said it was normal and not to worry.Should i be worried?

As far as i no its pretty normal i have them in my filter every time i change the oil. I also have a magnetic drain plug and i get real fine shaving on that also. Just ride it its a yamaha it wont break!!

Remember that you are looking at stuff that came not only from your engine, but also a clutch and a transmission. It is, indeed normal for transmissions to shed a fair amount of metal in the form of little chips and slivers. Buy a magnetic drain plug for the crankcase. That will trap quite a bit of it before it gets all the way back to the oil filter.

Thats what the filter is there for, just change oil and filter often and all is well

Hmm...brand new bikes will have some aluminum flakes left over from the newness of the engine in the first couple of oil changes. This should not be happening on a bike that is four years old.

I dont get any metal flakes or shavings on my 2002 YZF anymore. Sometimes if I am lazy at changing the oil I will find a very small amount on the oil filter, but if I change the oil every couple rides like I usually do, then the filter is always clean. Maybe your bike hasn't had a oil change in a while. Just keep an eye on it, and change your oil frequently and I doubt you will see flakes on the filter anymore. :naughty:

Hmm...brand new bikes will have some aluminum flakes left over from the newness of the engine in the first couple of oil changes. This should not be happening on a bike that is four years old.

this depends on how the bike was previously ridden -

I would keep a eye out for more metal shavings (get a magnetic oil plug) and listen for weird noises

I had the same thing happen to me. I bought my 426 used. I brought it home and pulled the filter out and almost fainted. There was a bunch of shavings on the filter and also in the filter housing area. I had to use a "Q" tip to get it all. I went to the dealer and they said that was normal. I change my oil every other ride and the filter every 4 rides. Now I get maybe a couple of shavings. I was freaked out when I first saw it though.

I still see junk in my filter on my 00, unless it's pretty big I wouldn't sweat it much. Definitely get a mag drain plug though, it's amazing how much crap they will catch!

I still get plenty of flakes in my 01' filter. I'm guessing most of it is from the clutch, not sure what else could loose that much metal and still work. But anyway, small flakes are totally normal; chunks or slivers are not. :naughty:

It reminds me of my days working as a transmission specialist. Most all front wheel drive automatics have their final drive and differential in the same oil as the rest of the transmission, so they get a lot more normal metal shed than most typical RWD cars. I was doing a simple fluid change on one one day as a customer was explaining to me that he was having trouble with the unit that a local shop had just rebuilt in the same kind of car. I asked him why it was rebuilt in the first place, and he said, "because they found a bunch of metal on the magnet in the trans pan."

I pulled down the pan I was working on and showed it to him. "Like this one," I asked?

"Oh yeah," he said, "but that one's even worse than mine was."

Then I told him, "This is normal. There's nothing wrong with this car."

He was a little upset. :naughty:

If I heard it once....

Your engine should make more metal when new then should level off at some amount depending on your riding style. A good way to track the amount of metal your engine makes is at each oil change flush the filter with contact cleaner capturing everything that comes out of the filter in a clean container. Dump the whole lot onto a napkin and let the cleaner evaporate.

Once everything is dry take a piece of scotch tape and stick it to the metal and then transfer the tape with all the metal stuck to it to the inside over of your manual and date it, doesn't hurt to have the app. hours on the oil as well. This will give you and a new prospective owner an idea of what is normal.

If you see a sudden increase in metal you might be seeing the early signs of an impending failure. The next step is to determine if the metal is ferrous or aluminum and start looking for the culprit.

A magnetic drain plug should be mandatory. My 426 makes a small amount of ferrous metal and a moderate amount of aluminum at each oil change.

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