Hand Guards - which do you like?

I just installed a pair of Maier Extreme Hand Guards (http://www.rockymountainmc.com/Product_Details.atv?pid=00038108) on my 2005 XR650L, but the problem with them is that I had to move my levers in towards the frame so much to get these things to clear them, that I'm not sure how much I like them.

I'm curious what everyone out there uses. I don't care how big and ugly they are, I just want super strong ones that will protect my hands from branches, and also not snap my levers if I lay it down. Maybe I need new levers that don't bend OUT so far? Advice? Oh yeah, my bars are Renthal CR High Bends.

THANKS as always!

I have Acerbis Rally pros, I cut the end of my levers off, Fit great.... :naughty:

I also run the PT CR hi bend with the Acerbis Pro Rally's. Haven't had to trim the levers, but a little muscle to bend the hand guards was necessary to get a comfortable fit.

i have acerbis rally which are alot like those. when i had a works connection perch i had to cut the end off the cluch lever. but then i went to a MSR perch with shorty lever and then its was all good.

if you dont like cutting them or moving them in, go to shorty levers.

I had a pair of Cycra Pro Bends on a KTM I had. I thought they were great, very roomy. I didn't have the bike long enough to crash so I can't say how strong they are. I tried using the ralley pros on a previous BRP I had and ran into clearance problems with the headlight because of an aftermarket triple clamp I had. Anyone else have this problem?

I just trimmed the # plate, no problem after that........ :naughty:

I've had a lot of diff handguards- Maier, acserbis rally, MOose.

The Moose guard are just the bars no plastic and though alittle lees protective i found my hands get caugfht up in them less in a wad-up, they lasted longer, looked better, just fit better.

They are my choice.

My ascerbis stink they dont bolt up well, the Maiers were great but just plastic. still on my 82 yz490


I've had very good luck with the Acerbis Rally Pro's and UFO Jumpy guards but I will be running the Cycra's in the future. I like how the main beam drops lower to protect the levers and they are very stout.

the cycras that drop down look like they provide more protection! maybe once my ascerbis die i;ll get em.

oh yeah i allways cut my levers to be two finger.


Cycra Pro Bends :naughty:


Cycra Bro Bends are excellent; roomy, work with the stock lever and have saved my digits from several spills and never moved. Since I have a FatBar I chose the Side Mount option and mounted them to the triple clamp instead of the bar itself and i think that prevents them from moving at all. Pricey, but worth it IMO....Mike

Enduro Engineering Aluminum handguards. I think they are the same, or at least very similar, to the Moose Aluminum handguards. Simple, strong, neat, good looking. You can add plastic protectors if you want. I prefer just the aluminum...unless it's cold out. I trim my levers making shorties out of them and have never broken one with this configuration.

I use the factory ones, and am quite happy with them. plenty of protection, inexpensive to replace, and easy to get the hands out of in a fall.

I'm curious why so many seem to replace them with aftermarket.

I use the factory ones, and am quite happy with them. plenty of protection, inexpensive to replace, and easy to get the hands out of in a fall.

I'm curious why so many seem to replace them with aftermarket.

Umm.....the answer would be....................trees!

They don't call them "Bark Busters" for nothing! Back east, you can't ride as fast through the woods without them. It is quite normal to consistently clip trees. What is a small clip with bark busters could be a broken finger or two without them. As side benefits, I think they add strength to your handlebars, protect your levers, perches and front brake master cylinder from damage.

The cycra probends rule. You can change out the plastic shields to whatever color you want also. I'll take a picture sometime of my left hand, just to show you all what a "cut" lever will do to your hand. Friggin' clutch lever went through my hand, not pretty. Chicks dig scars... :naughty:

I like the Cycra Pro-Bends. You won't have to trim your levers because of the way they drop down on the side and the plastic shields provide great protection, especially if you run your levers down a little bit. If you buy the Pro Bend's get them with the top triple clamp mount. The standard mount that connects the handgaurd to the handlebar is pretty chincy and I have snapped the connector in half twice. I haven't had any problems since I went to the top triple clamp mount. Also, check the length of the top triple clamp bolts that they provide.....they may be a little short.

After I kill the last set of Acerbis handguards that I have on my 650L, I want to get these.


If the image doesn't show up, visit the web site:

Scott Summers (Summers Racing Components)


I bought Moose and had to make an "S" shaped brackets that attached to the handlebar perch made from 3/16" X 3/4" steel bar. This moved the perch mount out 2 1/4" away from the perch and added 3" in length - which allows plenty of room to push the hand guard to the outside of the handlebar allowing plenty of room for the bar ends (no loping off the bar ends) and tons of room for my big-ass hands to operate. Because they seem to make just a few models for so many bikes - it seems they should add a similar adjustable "S" brackets to allow for different bikes. I crashed a few times and at worst - I just rotate parts back to their original location.

I have the Rooster guards being used part of the time on Flexx bars for various bikes. They're quite stout and they leave enough room to comfortably operate all levers. Installation is super simple & takes just a minute. The quality if workmanship is also excellent.


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