19 inch tyre versus 18 incher

I'm thinkin of betting a spare rear wheel for my WR for when I take the bike to moto x tracks, and was wondering why the yz400's have 19 inch rears.

Would it benefit me to get a 19 incher (performance wise)?

The 19" tires have been standard for MX bikes for a while. I believe the theory is that they can get better traction (for MX conditions) and lighter weight with a low profile tire.

The off road crowd prefers the durablilty of the 18". The additional rubber between the ground and the rim helps prevent pinch flats and rim damage.

If you are getting the 19" for MX use, it might give you some better choices for tires, but other than that I don't think it makes a big difference one way or the other.

for motocorss i would woul recomend the michellin star cross ms3.thats wat i run on my bikes and they hook great.also if u do decide to run it i would suggest u go with the 110/80/19 or the 110/90/19 which ever will fit ur bike over the 100/80/19 or the 100/90/19.the 110 is a little bit wider wich alows it to hook great in the turns

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