Radiator protection

Hey guys! I just noticed that my left front radiator is bent in already a little bit on my 05. :naughty:

What is the best route / brand to go with as far as radiator guards go?


I like my Unabiker guards that I got from the TT store... :naughty:

I'm using the Works Connection guards. My fifteen year old son was my teammate during a 6 hour GP and he said he dropped the bike over 10 times. Could have fooled me. You can't tell at all. Radiators still as good as new.

Another vote for Flat land racing guards and skid plate. Unabiker and Rooster also make really nice stuff.

Works Connection / SUPPORTS not guards / do the guards give support too?

Had to modify right side Works Connection Rad support with Ascerbis tank. (no biggie though and still good support)

Dude, where did you get the Red UniBiker guards? I don't see them anywhere on the TT store (for the Yomamaha's)

Will these work with the IMS 3.4 gallon tank? Had to remove my Works Connection guards when I installed the tank :naughty:

Not 100% sure but the guy that makes them, Brian is a TT member(Unabiker) so I would PM him and ask him for sure.

I got my Red Guards from Brian not from TT. I'm not sure why TT doesn't offer them in red? Steve.

I know a friend that has Works Connection BRACES. They buckled really easy and didnt really help him out. It all depends on what kinda riding you do. The WC would be good for ridin track but I would go with Unabiker, Rooster, Flatland for ridin the woods or if you want to protect the radiators as much as possible. Steve.

Unabiker all the way! It is a brace as well as a guard. :naughty:

The Works Connection braces are crap. They provide little, if any, side impact protection. I have the bent radiator to prove it. I just bought a set of Unabiker guards after seeing them up close on another TTer's bike. They are the most solid guards I have seen. The Rooster guard is pretty stout, as well, but I don't like the one-piece design.

Will the Unibiker guards work with Ascerbis 3.3 Tank???

Don't know what bike you've got, but my 99WR is wearing a 3.3 Clarke tank and the Unabikers are a perfect fit. You'll have a hard time finding better design, quality and protection.

I Got 05 Wr450, anyone confirm?

I Got 05 Wr450, anyone confirm?


Fire him an email, I'm sure Brian will respond promptly.

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