Radiator protection

I put Unabikers on my 05 WR and they fit like a glove.

The others I have seen won't help much in a crash. I had Devol and Works on my other bikes and they don't help much.

BTW a radiator for a WR is over 250 bucks.

Do you have a Ascerbis 3.3 Tank too?

Thanks for the good info! The stuff the manual doesn't tell you. :naughty:

I have the stock tank.

I have the Unabiker guards on an '05 with the Acerbis 3.4 tank. The guards do NOT fit without some modifications on the right side (see related threads on this forum). I asked Brian at Unabiker if his guards would work with this tank but he wasn't sure.

Once again, people here have the answers before just about anyone :naughty: Thanks to everyone.


The right side of the unabiker guard can be bent slightly to accomodate the bulge on the 3.3 gallon acerbis tank. :naughty:

Hey Guys,

I've got a "big tank" mod for the WR450's available. It moves the back leg on the right side forward a bit to clear the blob on the oversized tanks.

I don't have it listed yet. Just ask for it when you order.



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