Where to get an exhaust gasket?

Im looking for the rubber gasket/grommet that goes between the header and exhaust silencer. The pipe is stock from for a '83 XL600. Anyone know where I can find one?

Ive checked my local dealer and ebay with no luck.



It's not rubber. It's more like graphite. I had to order mine from the Honda dealer. I have since gone to a Supertrapp from the header joint back. The stock packing is in my stock silencer, where it shall stay untill I sell the bike or the exhaust.

Actually that gasket is more like a "packing" and you should definitely be able to get it through your local Honda dealer. I've bought them numerous times for XR's/XL's.

Thanks for the help. I'll go back to the dealer today and speak with a manager instead of the punk ass I talked with yesterday.

What model supertrapp did you put on your's? Did you have to rejet?




I will take a look in the morning and get you a model # for the Supertrapp. I did just add a deflector to protect the fender.

And yes I did have to rejet. It was so lean it was running hot enough to shut down the electronics. I bought it from E-Bay. It had been run so lean before that the fiberglass packing had melted into glass!!! I have never seen that before. It runs fine with a #128 and #130 main jet instead of the 115 and 118 that was in it when I got the bike.

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