I need a pic

Hi to All,

please I'm trying to make an "XR Style" T-Shirt...

to make the project that is in my mind I need a certain picture

a pic of the XR 650R (Us type) Headlight taked from the front of the bike (a perfect front)

for example this is ok, but I need in higher resolution..


someone can help me ?

can you take for me a pic like this...

only the headlight... a clean headlight is better... hehe

thanks to all

Because I don't want to use a digital print on the shirt...

I have only 4 color to choose...

I can't display a good image of a complete XR....

For me the XR 650R headlight have "the spirit" of the XR inside... like the old Headlight of the XR 600R...

the guys that want that t-shirt own different XRs not only the BRP

I have bright idea in my mind, and I want to try the way with the Headlight..

someone can help me ?

Don't mean to totally hijak the post....but I am going to anyway! Hey Frankster, do you notice any performance improvements from the ceramic tape on the exhaust headers? I understand the theory, but do you think it actually does anything?

Yes, it definetly helps with ex. velocity......... :naughty:

Plus it keeps heat away from the cyl. and the down tube which holds oil..

I have the pipes wrapped past the carb, so thats a plus...

A old trick I used on my circle track cars when i raced...

hey ill go take a pic of my bike as it sits, as long as you send me a couple shirts and it says Kline racing on the bike somewhere :naughty:

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