rad and bash guards, whats next?

picked up the Devol rad guards from TT store.

got the Xr's only skid and case saver around front sprocket, Ive had xrs only skids befor and liked em and the price was good.

sucks having to spend a couple hundred on protection but better than bling :naughty:

So whats next?

fine tune suspension, large capacity radiators, excel rims, change the GPR for my scotts

argg the list goes on and on...


What about some kool looking oversized wave rotors, stainless braided brake cables, red anodized brake resevoir cap, finned brake calipers, frame guards, hand guards, works connection quick adjuster clutch perch, excel / talon wheel set, forged levers, flexx handlebars, blue anodized johnny campbell triple clamp, ohlins rear shock, enzo subtanks, moose rear fender pack, spyder grips, power pegz, hammerhead shifter tip, guts seat foam, guts competition seat cover, etc, and lets not forget the carbon fiber goodies :naughty:

Hey, what about a Edelbrock carb, Header wrap, Uni air fiter,ARC levers.. :naughty:

Man the list could go on and on..................... :naughty:

Recluse clutch, a.........

shut up guys. i didnt need that...

yeah edelbrock maybe, i think well jetted brp is okay for a while.

excel, ss spokes, talons yeah want em.

Abetter shark fin mounting system, i allways brake the caliper mount, boooo honda.

rewound stator and big light!!!

oil cooler- any tips on this one appreciated.

screw the chrome, anodized, graphit stuff. not 4 me


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