Pretty Trippe looking, might take the fun out of getting hurt!!

trippe ???

I have one... I like it a lot.

Mine is the SP-1 Pressure suit .

Highsided 3 times last saturday without injury :naughty: (knock wood).

I haven't ridden with it in the texas summer heat yet though..

Be sure and buy your jersey's in 2 sizes larger.

Saw one at the dealer & liked it. Going to buy it soon :naughty:

I've got the EVS ballistic jersey. It has shoulder,chest/back,elbow padding as well as kidney belt. It is comfortable and appears well made.

The RockGardn Flak Jacket also has spine/elbow/shoulder/chest protection and kidney belt. Great protection, though they do get kinda hot in the summer.

The Dainese one is better ventilated, but more expensive.

Oy...they have great helments too... :naughty:

I met a guy that was using one after talking with him I may get one. The Spine protection is what appeals to me. It only takes one freak accident to change the rest of your life and all those around you.

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