Coolant cap leak or overheating

First of all Hi to all I'm new her and I'm new to thumpers though mi father is a motorcycle mechanic, but he does small street bikes mostly, i had a 2 stroker (boy I miss the revs)... any way...

Now I bought a 99' yz400 & my water cap starts to leak after 2, 3 minutes idling, theres no leaks on the system and yes I did try 3 different caps from my friend bikes that don do this, so I'm looking for pointers on what to do to correct the problem or just learn that is the nature of my bike and I should turn it off jeje...

You're letting it idle too long, they get cranky when you do that. I'll bet your header turns cherry red too? Don't worry, that's normal also. Just don't let it idle so long, she wants to get out and stretch her legs.

Oh, and WELCOME TO TT! :naughty:

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