Yz Graphics On Wr........

I Am Tring To Find Graphics For My 04 Wr450, And All I Can Find Are The Yz Ones. Will They Fit With A Little Trimming Or Will I Have To Butcher Them?????????????

Try this site http://www.xgxracing.com they seem to have a bunch

for the WR's, though I haven't heard any pro's or con's on them. :naughty:

Nevermind, just went there and they don't even list anything for the 400/426 anymore :naughty: Motosport or Bob's or someplace like that may have some hanging around somewhere.

Sometimes you have to call the places to see if they carry what you're looking for. They don't always list everything on the net, or in catalogs.

The YZ backings are smaller than the WR. Factory FX has backgrounds for WRs. :naughty:

I just ordered graphics from One Industries for my WR.....I actually ordered the YZ graphics because I have the YZ seat/tank from IMS. I don't think there is enough difference in the two where you couldn't get the YZ graphics to work on your WR. I also ordered all new plastic......I had to return the shrouds because they don't make the older style shrouds for the 98's and 99's.....went with white shrouds from Acerbis instead.

You can get coolgraphics here on TT I orderd the TT flame graphics and they are way cool.xgx makes the kits for TT they have some cool stuff check'em out

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