I hope I like it

I just purchased a new 650r. It is a brand new 2003. I am coming off of a CR500 that I love. I bought this bike because I think it is a awesome desert bike. My kids are riding with me now and it is slow going lots of the time. The CR500 is not very child friendly (too much stop and go and idling). I live in So. Ca. and ride in the high desert. I go to a lot of district 37 races and the 650 seems to be the choice for many. I wanted a bike that will cruise with my kids and move out when I want to. I read about the mods to uncork it and I will put on a XR's only slip on exaust, unless you guys recommend something else. What do I do with the footpeg problem I keep hearing about? I can't wait for the weekend to try it.

Your not just gonna like it...your gonna love it!!! Check down a few posts to see some stuff about Kritters footpeg fix, or do a search, there are a few threads on this.

Here is a great link for info. on the 650r. I use it a lot.


I do a lot of slow riding with my kids too and just put the Evans coolant in to cure the boil over problem you can do a search and read about. It was a simple fix.

You're gonna love this bike. It keeps ya grinnin' :naughty:

You'll love that BRP.. :naughty: And welcome to TT, A great info. site... :naughty:

Having or doing the suspension for your weight is a must if your going to push the bike like you can a CR500. A pumper carburetor is going to make the bike respond a whole lot better then the stock. I have a 2003 and have it dailed in. It puts out more horsepower at the rear wheel or crank then the stock CR500 but, not the power all at once or the high rpm the CR500 put's out. I have had both bikes and the CR500 was a bigger thrill once dialed in but, the XR650R is better for everything. Mine is a 680cc with the extra's. I can get it in the air but, nowhere near where I can get the CR500. On the MX track (with the XR) I get beat to death compared to the CR500. I am getting older but, still like an adrenaline rush now and again :naughty:


Yeah, uncork it and rejet it, and you'll like it a lot I think. The power is really good, not as sudden as a CR500, but good and strong, and pulls over a long range.

The good thing is that you can putt around with the 650R at low speed, and it's cool with that. This is usually a problem with the CR500 or the KX500, and I have a KX500 and it's a blast to ride, but it doesn't like to go slow. The XR650R can go slow, or fast, either/or, it does both very well.

If you're coming off a CR500, the XR might feel a little heavy and sluggish at first. There is a variety of options and opinions on the best pipes, carb, and jetting to make the XR run great, but personally I had very good luck with running the stock pipes, an HRC exhaust tip with the screen cut out, a drilled air box, very rich main jetting (180), high octane avgas, and the rest of the normal uncorking parts such as the 40mm intake boot and the airbox snorkel and baffle plate removed. Bike is very fast, no doubt about it, but it still won't hang with my KX500, not even close actually.

There is a considerable power to weight ratio difference between a KX500/CR500, and an XR650R, even uncorked/jetted.

If you ever want to get into more street-oriented riding, try a DR650SE, and do the uncorking/power-up mods to it. That is one sweet bike on the street and in the twisties! Power to spare and extremely simply maintenance.


'00 XR650R/uncorked/jetted/street legal

'04 KX500/fmf gnarly/v-force reeds

'05 DR650SE/uncorked/jetted

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