aluminium corrosion

I picked up a old ducati 900ss,cr seems in good shape but all of the cast aluminum parts had some whitish/gray corrosion on them. I have noticed the same thing on my BRP in the winter off season, but not as bad as the Ducati.

What will remove this stuff and what will keep it from comming back again.

Polish it with gradations of sandpaper and steel wool and polishing compound, then clean it thoroughly and clearcoat it.

Could not help but notice your id!

My old Moto Guzzi does that, the white powdery corrosion thing if I have not ridden it/washed it in a while.

What seems to work for me, is just cleaning it with normal cycle cleaners (s100, power purple) a few times, with rides in between.

If you are really picky you can sand/polish/clearcoat. I just don't care enough to do that (especially on a dirt bike).

I'd try just using cycle cleaner a few times and before anything more time consuming.

I don't think anything will keep it from coming back except polish or clearcoat,. Have you ever seen all of the old alum parts in a moto wrecking yard? They all have that white stuff.

BTW, i had a pretty nice 1992 900ss. It was a pretty rare one with a white frame & all black body work stock. I miss it sometimes.


Its oxidation, nothing to worry about.

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