complete 426 rolling chassy

Ok the bike is for sale again...the guy who was going come get it never my sister asked me to put it for sale again...its a 2001 with title, new tires...needs only Motor, pipe & left radiator.

I took the motor out for my quad...













i'm going to put it on ebay and see where it go's...I do not want to part it out we are looking to sell it as a whole....


AIM Torrid187

how tall are those bars?????

lol the bars are from a quad...not the ones that come with the bike...they were on there till I got the new ones....

how much?

how much?

Look for the Sale on Ebay.

Dont know what to ask for it..... :naughty:

4days and no money....I give it 2 more days and its a part out

Your better parting it out anyways.....I've seen 04 450 rolling chassis going for 1000-1500 and they cant give them away.....If you decide to part it out I'd be interested in the frame guards..........

I'm going to start this with a 1000 OBO make me a good offer I will take to shipping Co for you...

check your pm's...give me a call..

pending sale 2 buyers as of monday

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