650L tire choice?

Hello all!

I just flattened my third rear tire in less then a month :naughty: .

The first couple of times were due to nails etc. in my driveway (we just built our house). the third was due to a pinched (under the bead) tube. This last time I am not sure cause the bike is still sitting in the truck. I was just entering the Hood Canal bridge (Puget Sound Washington state) east bound and it went flat after a 50 mile ride on and off road.

Since this tire/rim combo has had several punctures in close interval and I had to limp my bike approximately a mile across the bridge(for lack of safe rescue space) I need a new rear tire.

I currently have an IRC baja tire which I have never been real happy with. Its latteral traction in mudd/gravel is pitiful IMHO. I am posting to find out what You all would choose for a decent wearing Dual sport tire that has some good lateral traction on and off road.



PS Ill update my sig with bike details soon. BTW the site looks awesome....hope to have some good conversati'n.

I Like Maxxis M6006 Great Tire On Off Road . Handles All Conditions Very Well.

I Have About 100 Miles On Mine 50/50 On Off Road On A Dr 650. Only Problem Is They Make You Wish There Were Berms On Ever Street Corner.

I have a Kenda TrackMaster and like alot. Good wear, decent traction, basically a good, but not great all around tire. They only about 40 bucks also.

I've run the stock rear tire about 800 miles and it was worn out, then went to the monster terraflex its got about 1200 miles and is a 1/4 life left and I'm going back to the Kenda k270. The terraflex is the KING offroad but doesn't last long on gravel and pavement. The k270 is just about the opposite, I've run it for over 10 years on different thumpers and get about 3500 miles out of one. It is a 50/50 tire however and suffers in the mud but is very predictable everywhere else, I would highly recommend it if your doing alot of light trail and gravel or highway miles because its cheap and stands up well. Hope this helps.

I have a Kenda trackmaster and I like it a lot! Maybe not the best tire out there but for the price its a good compromise!

The Flex!


Terra Flex!!!! (earth bender)

Wow that Terra Flex is wicked look'n :naughty:

How does that handle on road :naughty:

I am not much for serious on road work but that looks a tad extreme. I do use my bike to commute sooo....

Good info guys thanks for the responses


Hey Folks, I got a Monster 94 650L off a buddy a while ago, and only now am in need of a new rear tire. I got 7100kms on it, and the last 2200 are mine. The Metzler Unicross is what I have on there. Im not sure how long before I took posession he had the tire on, and it is crazy in the mud, with great clearing characteristics, but I cannot find the same tire. Am I blind, or is it no longer a production tire?

The flex is much better on the road than it has any right to be, the way it looks!


Get the Tera-flex,,,,,,,I love it for all conditions.

I found out that the Metzler Unicross is NHS, (Not Highway Suitable). I hate answering my own questions. But for a MX tire, it sure wore well.

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