Lets see some YZ's with wheels other than silver

Lets see if this works.


Can you believe i bought these wheels for $300.00? A buddy of mine bought a bike that had them on it and he didnt like them so i gave him my stock wheels and the 300.00. :naughty:


i'm jealous.. thats a heck of a good deal! cant hardly buy just the rims for that price let alone complete wheels

IT"S a TINY tire! He's tiny tire NLG!!Wonder what else he has that is sooo small?.........Get your minds out of the gutter I meant on the bike! :naughty:

I need to buy stock in armorall :naughty:

nice looking bikes guys does anybody have any other colors besides black though?

Nice pics fellas... :naughty:

Heres my 00 426 Wheels are powdercoated. Holding up ok, nice and glossy. :)PDR_0320.jpg
What kind of graphics are those? They look sweet! :D

its not my bike but i think they're white brothers from like 99 or 2000

Sweet truck too...

Not sure on the graphics, they were on the bike when I bought it. Would like to find another set for later.My chevy is a 1990 4wd. I had just put a new motor in it when some a____- stole it a couple of years ago. Best thing to happen to it as when it was recovered my ins. co. fixed it back up and gave it a new paint job.

What is up with black rims? I think blue rims on a blue YZ look sick.

or gold

Hers mine. Trying to make it look like the GP bike of Stefan Everts


gosh thats a small back wheel,does it spin the back wheel?NAH it needs jetting!one word for you six racing (ok two words)

Hers mine. Trying to make it look like the GP bike of Stefan Everts


Cool looking bike!

I like those Everts graphics..... :)

I'm still having difficulty with photobucket so you guys will have to check out my garage.

I'm changing my black all chipped up excels to silver. I have the rear rim ready for lacing, and I am bidding on several complete wheels on ebay. Colored wheels look like crap soon after the rocks start flying.

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