Selling 2000 WR 400F

Due to bad hips :naughty: I have to sell my bike. :naughty: It's not just like new, it practically is new, only 140 miles on it. When I got it I changed the front sprocket (1 tooth smaller) and springs (forks and shock, I have originals) nothing else has been changed (not even the gray wire mod or throttle stop)

Anyway I will be selling soon and was wondering what I should be able to get for it.


I'd Say At Least $3500.00 For It.

I paid $2500.00 For My 2000 WR 400F And It Had About 1000 Miles On It. :naughty:

At the end of March I bought a 2000 WR400 that was comparable condition (like new :-) for $3100. This was from a dealer so I would assume a fair price from a private seller would be a few hundred less.

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