Yamaha Grizzly 660

I am looking at buying a 2002 or newer Yamaha Grizzly 660 or a brand new Bombardier Outlander 330 HO 2x4! I have a 2001 Yamaha Beartracker 250 right now that i'm going to sale. I need something with more power and that's bigger. I looked at every atv and compared them. I still want to stay with Yamaha cause it seems to be the best to me. Plus the Grizzly looks awesome and has so many features! Can anybody tell anything bad about the Grizzly? I looked at the tests in the ATV Magazines online and the only thing they said was it wasn't very good at uneven ground and it felt very tippy around corners. Is it worth paying $4000.00 - $5000.00 for a used Yamaha Grizzly 660? Brand new it is $7200.00 plus tax etc.! That's too expensive for me! :naughty:

I have nothing to say about quads, but congratulations on your first coherent post.

my brother just bought a 05 grizzly (LE black) a couple months ago... I havent ridden it alot but from the 30 or so miles I put on it, It didnt seem tippy in the corners at all.

I didnt care for the auto tranny, but thats mostly a personal preference. From what I've seen online about them, they dont care for getting wet. The wheel bearings and digital computer don't like water at all. It also guzzles gas like crazy. Other than that, it's a great 4 wheeler. Its got enough torque and traction (especially with the front differential lock on the newer ones) to drag anything you wanna drag with it. They seem to have a pretty big aftermarket for cool parts too. :naughty:

Well, you are always looking at out running quads, why would you want such a small quad :naughty: How about the Kawasaki Prairie V twin 750 or maybe the Polaris Sportsman 800 V twin with EFI.

grizzly is lighter and faster then both of the above unless it is wide open..............big single cyl Polaris is the way to go IMHO.

I've had a '04 grizzly since july, they are awesome, I have no complaints.

NO, I am NOT a quad rider, not till this machine.

Bought one with a snow plow and a winch. $50 a pop to have your driveway plowed each time made it a no brainer for me. Worked flawlessly all winter down to -30 below(coulda worked lower but that is as cold as it got here this winter), LOTSA torque from the big single and it really breathes up on top too. Power delivery is strong off the bottom and seamless with it's delivery. The automatic is trouble free and I have had mine over an indicated 74 mph and it was still pulling, I just ran out of straight line room.

That is plenty fast on a quad for me.

This spring I needed to drop a few dead trees in the yard. I used the winch to haul them to the wood pile before sawing them into stackable pieces, instead of carrying the individual pieces to the pile. The lengths that I drug were well over a thousand pounds, no problemo.

The only mod I have done is remove the baffle and put in an aftermarket end cap. It sounds awesome now. It was whisper quiet before. Now it has a throaty bark, much like my WR450.

I haven't exactly submerged mine but I took it through some nasty bogs in the rain and had no troubles with the electronics ......and so far no troubles with the bearings even though I use a pressure washer to clean it.

The quad is very quick for a utility vehicle. It hooks up and start moving forward instantly.

The shift on the fly is great.

One of my buddies has a grizz, that he has lifted and modded heavily, ITPs, lots of motorwork, everybody who has ridden it has been :naughty: , the aftermarket is definately there for the Grizz. It has the same motor as the raptor only tuned for torque not high end HP.

BTW the looks of the Grizzly are tough! I opted for the royal blue one but the limited edition ones(maroon and black) are really nice.

I have yet to ride the new polaris, the new Kawasaki or the new SUZY Q, but I know which 4 wheeler they were shooting for!

If they can actually beat the grizzly, BUY THEM.

Looking back at your original question, about the magazine saying the Griz is tippy,

Since the magazines are there doing the actual testing with other machines available to switch back and forth, it is possible they found them to be more tippy than another model.

I have ridden through the woods alot up around my place on fairly severe elevation changes. I have ridden over large logs on a corner going down hill ( a fairly complex maneuver). I had no problems with my Grizz getting tippy. You just have to slow down and use some common sense with the physics involved.

I think some of the other machines they were comparing it to had wider/bigger stances and wheelbases. I really like the nimbleness of the Grizz. Something to think about when getting around in the woods between trees.

Anyways, I have nothing but praise for the machine and wish you luck with your decision whatever it may be.

:naughty: I was just reading the latest Dirt Wheels magazine and flipped it over to the back cover, there sits a Yamaha Grizzly 660 big as life, looking meaner than ever, underneath it, a single simple line that says it all about this 4 wheeler...


Thanks a bunch for all the information about the Grizzly! I have to sell my 2001 Yamaha Beartracker 250 for $2500.00, my 1993 Yamaha RT-100 for $800.00 and my 2002 Yamaha TT-R 125L for $1500.00 before i can buy a used Yamaha Grizzly 660! So it will be a little while before i get it. I'm either gonna get a 02 or 03 Grizzly 660! I've looked and compared all the ATVS and it seems the Grizzly 660 is my choice to buy. It's gonna be a big difference after riding my Beartracker 250! :naughty:

:D my baby is all grown up now :naughty:

marcus good luck on the 660... although after months (years) of reading your posts I'm curious why you put an ATV question in the Yammie WR forum.

oh well... :naughty:

Gettin' rid of the TTR 125? Then there'll be no more :naughty: :naughty: :D :D. Who are you going to drag with after you get rid of that beast?

I rarely ride my TT-R! I mostly ride my WR! :naughty:

Just make sure you get the CAMO Grizzly and matching underwear

Not funny Ha Ha! You're funny queer! He He

Look into prices if you are going to insure the Grizzly. Big quads are starting to get hosed like snowmobiles. I bought an Bombardier Outlander 400XT over the Grizzly :naughty: . I wanted the physical size but not the big motor for insurance and the fact my daughter is 11 and some day will want to ride it. The Kodiak is a good bike but is to damn small for the wide open trail and didn't ride as nice.. My insurance won't go bigger than 500cc :naughty:

The Bombardier Outlander has got so much technology! The Yamaha Grizzly is great does to! It's a hard choice but The Yamaha Grizzly is only about $500 more! I can't find any used Bombardier Outlanders. I can find good used Yamaha Grizzlys for around $4000 - $5000! It would cost too much for me to get a new Yamaha Grizzly or Bombardier Outlander. I have to get a used one.

Watch very close for water and mud damage on used beer buggy's. Most of the clowns who ride them didn't get to play in the mud as a child so they spend all their money on big tires and snorkels and spend all day pulling themselves out of the same mud hole. Pull the recoils out looking for water and see if the owner will let you jack up the machine to shake all wheels and suspension parts for wear :naughty: Good luck, I finally bought new after see so much used crap :naughty:

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