05 wr450 Rev Limiter

I got about 170 miles on my new WR so far the mods are as follows, Throttle screw, Grey wire, exhaust silencer in tip removed and uni air filter (main reason for air filter is so I have one ready to go at all times). Soon to do rejet, extended fuel screw, AIR removal, maybe a promoto billet tip or some type of slip on. Today I was riding around on flat ground I did a few runs just to see how fast the bike felt. I hit the rev limiter for the first time. My concern is while the bike pulls hard all the way up :D It don't sound healthy for a big thumper to wing that high :D . I have read just about everywhere that these yamaha engines like to rev but will they take 12000 rpm for long or do ya think it will grenade :naughty: . Now I come from the automotive world when it comes to engines about 25 years as a professional. I know you can take just about any newer production auto and it will live all day on the rev limiter without really hurting anything in the engine. Is it the same for bikes :naughty: .Any opinions on this welcome Thanks!

Primarily, the rev limiter is meant to keep from floating the valves. I would think of it as a tool to keep from occasionally lunching the engine, only to be used occasionally. The high rev limit is mostly useful in moto, where stretching the power to the next turn is preferable to upshifting for just a few feet and having to downshift again. In off-road, the high rev limit is useful because these engines are comfortable in the 5000 to 6000 rpm range, unlike some old-school thumpers. The rev limiter is not meant to be a comfortable cruising range.

Cruising in the 8000-9000 rpm range will increase heat and wear, and will likely result in an engine worn out in a very short period of time. It's rare that I get into the rev limiter, and I have 4 years and over 5000 hard miles on my WR400F with no teardowns or problems (knock on wood).

I'm not trying to be a wise guy or anything, but if you put an FMF Powercore and JD jetting on the bike you won't be hitting the rev limiter unless your drag racing on flat ground.

I did all of the free mod's, plus the jetting and FMF slip on and my bike hit's so hard I short shift it to keep it from wheelying or spinning the rear tire. I weigh 225lbs as well so the bike is carrying some ample girth while running like that.

I hope this helps.


:naughty: I've never found the rev limiter on my bike... Not sure how close I've been but I always get nervous about the sound bouncing off my skidplate and let off before bumping the limiter.

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