Clean air

I pick up my new wr450 on Saturday and will do the mods discussed in the new blue thread (in this section) that all of you guys advised me on, but I was wondering what air filter to use? K & N, or Twin Air. I've always heard that K & N was the freest flowing, but doesn't trap the fine stuff. I must admit that I don't know much about the Twin Air though. Please advise... :naughty:

I run a TWIN AIR. Works great. I have also run UNI's before in a Honda XR. My therory is that if it is a 2 stage filter you will be fine. I think most of it comes down to brand preference.

Twin Air is a fantastic product! I have had 2 for 2 years now and they have no signs of wear or delamination of the glue at the seams! :naughty: I ride a lot! :naughty:

I ran K&Ns on my XR600, then quit when I saw dust in the airboot to the I run foam filters ONLY! UNI normally, cuz that's what mos dealers around here stock...

i use UNI

Twin Air :naughty: Get the one with the anti-backfire coating and lose the backfire screen in the cage. Much better air flow this way. DON'T get a K&N they are SH!T. :naughty: They sell them at Kragen for a reason. :D


LOL... :naughty: Thanks for advise. Won't be going to Kragen! :naughty:

I Use Uni.........

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