Plastic moldings in front of tank on xr650l...

I am not sure what they are called, but can I take them off? I saw Xr650LMartin's bike on a recent thread and it looked sweet, and noticed they were'nt on. Thanks fellas. I just got this bike and I love it. First motorcycle so I am just taking it easy and trying to learn as much as I can. Take it easy. B.

The scoops on the tank are to direct the airflow to the engine head! Mine are off cause of my 4.7 gallons clarke tank! If you have the stock tank on I suggest you keep them on ! People with temp/dipsticks say they drop the temp around 20 degs!

if you got the stock steel tank, for sure leave the "wings" on your piggy...


Definitely leave 'em on until you rejet. They do aid cooling, and with the stock lean jetting you need all the cooling you can.


I had to take mine off because of my new tank. I would also agree, they are important.

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