Sag adjust?

what is the best way to get to the sag adjustment on my 02 650r?

it looks pretty tight behind the airbox cover but that s the only way i can see to get to it.

Am I missin something???? :naughty:

The thing is so cranked down right now for the last guy who was BIG that the front end washes way too much all the time, i practically have to wheelie through corners to keep the front light :naughty:

love the power of this thing but boy is proper susp. set-up important!!!!

Thanks for any help guys


oh yeah i got the spanner wrench and know the general operation just wondering if the seat comes off or what



Yeah, the seat comes off with 2 bolts, I adust my sag with a long straight edge screwdriver reaching in on the right side under the pipe.....

It beats taking off the subframe............. :naughty:

Remove the seat and side pannels. Remove mud flap behind the shock. Loosen up the preload adjuster nuts, then grab the spring with both hands and twist it instead of the adjuster nuts. 100mm sag is a good place to start.

thanks salty and frankst that is what i needed to know!

I was getting concerned that it would entail removal of entire rear end!!!


this is going to be a real pain in the arse!!!

there is enough rooom to get a drift in to loosen the lock nuts but i cant figure out how i'm gonna tighten back down except for a little by little!!!

gotta be done, cuz its better than putting on 30 lbs!!!!


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