Spring rates?

I have a 2005 WR450 and was wondering if anyone around 240 pounds has done the suspension on one. I am looking at what springs rates for the forks and shock I should buy. The suspension is pretty soft out of the box. I ride moderate to aggressive and mostly on trails. I do go to the motocross track from time to time and am not afraid of a jump ot two. Any suggestions?

I have yet to do the front forks on my 01 WR but I have put a new rear spring on and it was a huge difference. Check out Race Tech online. Call them and ask them what you asked in your post. They should give you the correct spring rate spring to get. They will probably also tell you to get your entire shock re-done. Unless you are serious racer you don't need it. Or in my case have a tight budget the stock valving works fine for the desert races I do.

Go to the RaceTech website and go through their spring rate search feature. It'll give you their recommended spring rate based on your weight and type of riding you do. They usually come back one or two levels low, so you'll probably want to bump it up. They recommended a 5.6 for me at 225 so I went with a 5.8 and was very pleased with the results. BTW, once you find out what spring you need, order it through the TT Store for a discount :)...SC


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