dynojet kits?

one thing I found out some time after installing my DynaJet kit ... the DynaJet main jet numbering differs from the KEIHIN sizes usually mentioned ... evidently, a 165 DynaJet main is about the same as a Keihin 162 ... I would have thought jets were standardized, but I guess not ... check it out

I agree, thats kind of dum - couldn't they number it by true hole diameter or something like that instead of using their internal numbering system?

Do those numbers stand for anything dimensional??

Hole dia does not always dictate how much will flow thru jet . Entry size, entry angle , length of hole , and exit and exit angle , etc ,all play a roll. And some times dilling a hole size bigger can actually run leaner due to not a polished finish or something unexplainable.

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