rekluse z-start clutch and rear brake system

Does the rekluse rear brake system work well or is it just too many levers on your left handlebar? I am considering the whole works, i.e. autoclutch, single action rear brake with clutch override and external perch adjustment. I also have to move the hot start lever as well.

Thanks for the advice, Jeff

I am looking at the same thing and i think it is too many levers to be able to ride in technical conditions. :naughty: I am thinking of adding a cable activated rear brake with a over center toggle lever lock up on the bars above the hot start. There are times on nasty climbs when you dont make it that not having a rear wheel engine lock is a pain. :naughty:

Indy I am with you on the nasty climbs. I also rely on the engine in gear lock for the last 30 years of riding. If I am on the ground it is usual when I am going less than 5 mph or loading/unloading. I did order it so after installation and a few rides I will comment on the performance.

Thanks for responding and respect your insight, Jeff

I'm a bit biased but I can tell you how it works for me. Rode outside of Idaho City this weekend (where they hold the ISDE qualifier) swapped back and forth between a 450X w/o a left hand rear brake and a YZ-250 2-stroke with the full-meal deal (left-hand combo foot with two finger override and perch).

On the two stroke, I find myself on the clutch a fair amount, mostly to exit corners with more authority from 3rd gear. With a little practice, it becomes pretty natural to use your middle finger brake sliding into a corner, grab the two finger over ride with the index finger (making it a one finger override) giving just enough pull on the clutch lever to pull the motor through the softer bottom. It sounds harder than it is, it's really not that bad.

On a big four stroke, you tend to use the clutch lever a bit differntly. Mostly for starting in gear (generally makes it easier to start), for a quick launch of the front tire and to help control the lift of the front tire. Starting in gear is a no-brainer. The other two operations generally require a bit more effort. The two finger over-ride makes the pull a bit stiffer than the regular lever. At low rpms, it's nice and easy, one finger pull. by 5K rpms it's becoming a two finger operation. For a quick pop of the front-end from low-RPMs, it's a one or two finger affair. If your charging up a hill in 2nd gear at high RPMs and the front tire starts to come up and you don't want to back off the throttle, it's going to take two fingers to bring it back down. Be sure to practice with it a bit for safe operation on the trail.

The best part of the left-hand rear brake is not for bull-dogging down a hill though. Give it time to get used to it and I guarantee you'll go faster, much faster with better control.

Thanks Al for the tips and insight. I ordered the whole shooting match right down to moving the hot start lever and the blue clutch cover. Looking forward to it, any other tips would be appreciated but I am sure the best thing is just practice and have fun.

Thanks again, Jeff

Jeff, did you get it installed yet? Just wondering your impressions if you did. Thanks.

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