Anyone ridden an 05 450f on a moto track? Did it feel like a cow?

I ride some for fun on a track (no big jumps or anything) and was wondering how they felt? I lifted the rear up in the showroom today and it sure felt heavy. I know coming from a yz250 it wont feel the same but i dont have anything to compare it to. Thanks.

I went from a 98 yz250 to an o5 crf450r and what a better bike. More hook-up,etc. Almost everyone loves there's, but to each it's own. Once I rode a fourstroke, I feel in love.

i rode my 05 wr450f on my friends practice track. it felt a little nose heavy off jumps and kinda resembled a steam roller on tight corners but other than that it was great

I've only had my 05 WR450 on a mx track twice with stock suspension. I'm already jumping things better than I did on my 2 stroke and it turns great. I've bought stiffer springs cuz I'm 225 lbs. but haven't installed them yet. Can't wait to fell the difference, but I'm already having fun jumping this bike even though I'm mainly a trail rider.

The WR wont float nearly as well throught the braking bumps and shoops as a YZ because the WR has a smaller rear tire. But this downfall is made up in how well the bike will handle through the turns, both burms and flat turns. I have played around on a couple of mini tracks on my '05 WR with my friends and they have YZ's. I was much faster in the turns and tagged up alot better than they did. But they were a bit faster in the whoops. The bike is a little heavier in the air, but then again its all about staying low.

I have ridden a very not stock 01 WR426 on a track and it did ok.

Then I got my 05 YZ 250. Not the 250F. And it opened my eyes. What a killer light responsive bike. Makes my 426 look like a pig. The bike turns on penny. Jumps like a frog and is just so much more in tune with the track then any WR. But the WR did Ok.

Never rode a YZ450 before. I'll bet they run the hell out of the track.

I still love my WR426 for the dez but this new YZ has really opened my eyes. The thing is really impressive. I love the 2 stroke snap, handling, and light weight.

i rode my o5 wr 450 on a mx track.. then rode the wifes 05 wr 250 on the same track i was 20 seconds a lap faster????? my 450 wouldn't turn on a burm. the front wanted to wash out where the 250 stuck like glue... why i ask

my 05 yz450f does good on a track but have done somethings to it. I have had the suspension done along with the new offset triple clamps from RG3 and they made it handle better in the turns. To me it jumps better than my 02 RM that I just sold.

They will nose dive if you let off the gas to soon. You have to stay on it and don't let off til the rear wheels is about to leave the ground.

since your in the wr forum i assume your asking about a wr450f (you didn't say). do the math, the wr450 weighs almost 270lbs.

A WR-F has the same frame and components as a YZ-F, but it's set up all wrong for moto. Neither is as light as a YZ250. So both have to be ridden differently than a 2 stroke. I'd say unless you do some setup work on a WR-F, it will feel like a pig, even though the potential is there to be pretty competitive in moto if you really want to. In stock trim, the suspension will be too soft, the gear ratios a little too wide, and not quite the same bark as a YZ-F. The 18" rear wheel on the WR-F is not much of a factor, but the 19" (on YZ models) does have a slight weight advantage for moto.

If you want to do moto, buy a YZ or YZ-F. If you want to do off-road, buy a WR-F. If you do both, take your pick.

It felt like a cow being ridden by monkey.

It might be a hefty bike, but i am still the weakest link.

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