Street Conversion

So, in light of the recent gas prices, i have decides to convert my 99 YZ400F in to a street legal bike. However i don't really know what the requirements are. Can anyone help?

It may vary by county, but in California it's nearly impossible unless the bike 1) has equipment on it that meets the Federal standards for the model year, and 2) had a street license plate in another state before it was brought here.

Best way to get accurate info is from the DMV. It's also harder than any other way. :naughty:

Well i live on the border of Nevada and California, and have a seperate residence in Nevada. But yeah...i was gonna try the DMV but i couldnt get anyone on the phone.

You aint gonna get anywere with the Ca DMV. Id try Nevada 1st. makes a nice Dakar kit for your bike. I would look there.

I had no trouble converting my YZ, but the regulations here in Canada are not near as strict as California. Like mentioned, Electrex USA makes a great bolt on kit or you can piece together one yourself.

Alright, i'll check into this. Thanks for the advice guys

If you have a lawful residence in Nevada, I'd guess it would be easier to get it street legal there first. Then California would be more apt to reciprocate. Actually, you would simply take your Nevada plates and registration to the CA DMV and tell them you want to register in CA. They do less checking when you hand them a current registration from another state.

I got a 99 YZ400F that is street legal, i got a 99 WR400 Flywheel and ignition coil for about 350 and then went to for the really easy wiring harness, for the head/tail and wired it up. the WR coil puts out 110W so i can run both my 35W halogens plus LED tail with no drag on the motor. I burn the bark off trees.


PM me if you need help

Are you street legal in california?

It prolly wouldnt pass inspection in Cal due to the Dbl level, but i registered mine in AZ, i really feel bad for you CA guys that state sucks for Dual sporters. If you erally want to, there are several options discussed in other threads about pipes and stuff that make you a little quieter (I run a Pro Circuit T-4 with the quiet core insert) Im not super-stealthy but no one seems to complain.

YZ 400 Street legal

Man, that is sweet. I think I will do that on the 450 I'm about to buy.

Sweet Ride! But i'm pretty much screwed eh?

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