Unabiker Radiator Guards

I just installed a set of Unabiker rad guards / braces, and I thought I would pass on a review of them.

Appearance - Excellent - I ordered the blue anodized set. No scratches, no burrs, the bends were well formed without excess tool marks. Overall, very good workmanship.

Instructions - Straight forward and easy to follow.

Fit - Very good for a product like this. I suggest leaving bolts slightly loose until all bolts are installed and started. This took a socket/rachet/u-joint setup, but made things go together better.

Strength - The guards / braces feel quite stout as individual parts. However, you do not realize how strong of a setup this is until it is assembled and tightened. The 3 point mounting system to the frame and the connection to the corner of the radiator make for a very rigid setup.

Suggestions for improvement - I used slightly larger washers than those provided. I felt the larger washers would spread the clamping force out a little better. I used stainless steel washer for better appearance for the long haul.

Overall - excellant product. Highly recommended.


I am interested in those can you post some pics of your bike? What bike did you put them on?

I helped Big Davey put a black set on his 04. Man those are awesome. I will order mine as soon as the 'fun card' has a little room on it. :naughty: Thanks for the report and the install tips. :naughty:

I'm wishing I would have gotten Unabiker guards instead of Devol.

The Devol guards look good, and were highly recommended by other TT members, but I had to do some redneck engineering on the brackets to get them to fit right, I added a bunch of washers behind them to space them out farther, and even after all of that the outer bolts are about 1/8" from the sides of the radiators... it wouldnt take much of an impact to drive that bolt right through the radiator :naughty:

Here's a picture of the natural color guards on a 05..


Hey Juiceman, for what ever reason, I cannot post photos with a message. Give me your email address and I will send some to you.


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