Help me choose the correct Cycras

Greetings THUMPS! 2001 WR426 with new Pro-tapers bars SE 7/8, wanting to run Cycra Aluminum Handguards, Have no problem deciding on wanting Black Pro Bends with Triple Clamp Mounts and that I need the Alloy Handle bar ends but don't understand if I'm actually supposed to choose Handlebar Type as PRO-TAPER or STANDARD? My bars are made by Pro-taper but they are the standard 7/8 size? Don't like ordering twice! Are the Cycra triple-clamp mounts good enough, I also have a pair of the GYT-R triple-clamp mounts? Has anyone also tried out the new LOW PROFILE ENDURO SHIELDS? Just wondering! Thanks in advance for the info! Have a great weekend.


Highland, Illinois

Standard is for carbon steel bars and will be to big to fit in aluminum bar ends. You will need them for alloy bars. LoPro shields do not provide enough protection from limbs for me personally. I prefer the standard enduro shields.

Oh....Unless GYT-R has changed suppliers the 3 clamp mount is identical as it is made by Cycra.

Like tad said, go with the enduro shield.

Thank you for the reply! So I want to choose Handlebar Style on the Cycra website as Pro-Taper right?

I'll help you chose. Go to the Enduro Engineering site and buy theirs. I just bought the Cycra's and for the money, I should have bought the EE guards instead. They are a much better deal and the bolts don't pull out of the mounts when your bike tips over. Cycra sent me new bar mounts but I had to buy longer bolts. I'd go EE.

Otherwise, you need the standard mounts for aluminum bars. The Pro Taper one's they list are for 1 1/8" bars.

I installed a Probend kit on my YZ tonight. Great set up and got them brand new off E-bay for $76 shipped to my door.

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