Sloppy Elsinore Tire Recommendations?

Looks like it may rain this weekend in SoCal. Anyone have tire recommendations for a wet Elsinore Grand Prix?

Ron, This is a great question. The last two years have been wet (really wet). I usually run the IRC M5B 130/80-18 on bike all the time except for races like Elsinore. If I were racing it this year I would put on a good intermediate tire ala 737,695. That track takes you from street to hard packed then to a mud bog and into the mountains. I have the best line on the track... When you get to the mud hole GO AROUND it to the left side I always pass guys there and you wont get covered in mud TRUST ME!!! Good luck Ron I'll be racing a D37 Enduro in Barstow, otherwise I would be there, See ya Dan

Thanks Dan.

I just installed 756's but I'm worried about a downpour right before my race. I'll try your line advice.

Nutt'n but Zeros! :)

I was considering coming to this race earlier in the year and then time just slipped away but anyways my buddy thinks that big mudhole dan lorenze speaks of is in the new motohed video "time to ride". Is that true Dan or have you seen the video?

Looks awesome! I would have to hammer it and jump that big thing! :)


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Darin, I havnt seen "time to ride" but I wouldnt be surprized if they featured it in that video. The Lake Elsinore GP is notorious for that mud hole. Its funny, guys will show up in their new gear lookin all dapper and after one lap they look like a UPS driver from hell. If you ever have a chance and $200.00 you should race it at least once, its truly a legendary race. Have fun. Dan

PS. Nice Hurricane "Show-me" WR400


Mike, You're funny.. I thought you would like the UPS reference.. Lets go riding soon the weather is perfect! By the way my dad and I ordered WR426's and my brother ordered a WR250F. The 426's will be coming from Canada in a few weeks and my brother will be getting the 250 in Utah in January. Hope all is well. Talk to you soon..... Dan

Hey Dan Lorenze,

Where did you order the Canook 426 from? I am in the market for an equipment upgrade but I want to make sure the dreaded check digit isn't in the VIN number. The Canadian machine should be the way to go.

Has your Dad got the pictures back from the Colorado ride this year. He got a photo of me nearly looping my bike on a muddy uphill and I haven't seen it yet.

Dan Yuknavage

Old guy on 98 WR400

Dan, Im going to try to start making plans soon for next years race(if I am going to get any of my buddys to go I have to give them 1 years notice)

I have a friend that lives in Lake Elsinore so mabye not having to pay for room and board will make up for that huge entry fee! :)


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Dan Zak, How's it going? Im sure that my dads pictures are back from CO his email is "" give him a message and im sure that he'll send them to you... Regarding the 426, send me your email address and I'll give you the scoop on what im doing. See ya, Dan

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