Crusty Header

After a few rides my header pipe manages to bake dirt and mud onto it. Is there any way yall know of to stop this? Also, are there any good suggestions as to what will remove it?

just wait till you smash it. then you wont care what colour it is. :naughty:

Don't ride it and it won't get dirty.

To remove it I use a cloth nappy- wet it and leave it wet, feed it through between the header and the rad, hold each end and pull back and forth until clean.

Rub a little bacon grease on it. Nothin will stick to it and the smell will help you work up a healthy appetite

Hehe I just noticed this baked on mud between the radiator and the pipe when I was washing my bike yesterday... at first I thought it was already rusting (with 300 miles on it :naughty: ) but then I realized it was mud... I scrubbed alittle more and it came right off. :naughty:

Ti don't rust.

Ti don't rust.

Yeah thats what I thought... which is why it suprised me so much when I saw the rust colored crusty stuff on what I was told was a TI pipe.

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