HRC tip or holesaw

I have all the parts to do the uncorking on my new (to me) BRP except for the exhaust. Is it really worth the $100+ for the HRC tip? I am just a casual trail rider and don't need max performance gains or anything. I just want the bike to run the way it should. I don't have a 2" holesaw either so I would be dropping some money for that too if I go that route.


Sears sells a 2" bi-metal hole saw for $12 or you can find them on the internet for ~$6.75. The HRC tip will give you more power, but if you're just a casual trail rider, the hole saw will be more cost effective and is good enough for many people.

look on e-bay they do some billet exhaust ends which are pretty good and much cheaper.

The real difference between the hrc tip and stock(other than a bigger exit hole) is that the internal tube on the hrc tip is longer. This extends past the baffle plates inside the end can allowing gasses to exit faster with un interupted flow meaning more power and about 20% more noise :naughty:


I'm a trailrider too but I like all the performance I can get. I really noticed a difference with the HRC tip. I also prefer a 172 main jet to the 175 everyone uses. Granted I have no hole in my sidepanel either.

IMO the 2" hole saw tip is to loud....... :naughty:

I'm a trailrider too but I like all the performance I can get. I really noticed a difference with the HRC tip. I also prefer a 172 main jet to the 175 everyone uses. Granted I have no hole in my sidepanel either.


What are you waiting for?? Put that 175 back in and open up your side plate. It does make a difference :naughty::naughty:

I'm running a 180 with the drilled tip, and standard uncorking. No holes in the side cover and it runs great. I'm at about 800 feet above sea level. Drilled, it's still a lot quieter than most of the Harleys in town.


For me... the 2" hole saw ( bi- metal ) did not work..... had to drill holes all around and punch that sucker out :naughty:

The hole saw was barely scratching the tip and was getting ground down.

It ran well with an unpunced out tip, with a bunch of holes encircling the center tip. :naughty:

ride on.

The hole saw worked great for me. I followed the basic uncorking procedure and love it. I run a 175 main. Pretty much around 700 msl here. Side panel still covered up. Basic trail riding. Lotsa power! Good luck! :naughty:

Thanks for the replies guys.

I am in Michigan at about 800 feet ASL and got a 170 main, because this is what was recommended on the jetting guide. Some of you guys are running a 175 or 180 at similar elevations with just the basic uncorking. Should I be richer than a 170?

Thanks for the replies guys.

Should I be richer than a 170?

You're probably good...I notice my plug seems to foul out after about400-500 miles and I have been thinking about switching out to a 170. Do you experience any fouling?

I'm not sure swells, I haven't even ridden her yet! I'll let you know though. I'll stick with the 170 and see how it runs.

RollitOn- Doing the airbox/jetting mod you described during this season in the northeast would render me with a really dirty filter after just 30-40 miles. Mudseason here right now. Loving it on the pig though.

I drilled mine with the bi-metal hole saw and it worked fine. Doesn't seem too loud to me. Louder, but not bad at all.

Haven't tried the HRC tip but I've heard of people concerned because it's not stamped with the DOT(USFS?) SA approval. I've already had a ranger scope it out too. He read the stamping around the stock tip and was satisfied. He didn't care or maybe even realize that it had been drilled out.

Figured I would run with the drilled tip for a while and use the money that I would have spent on the HRC tip for a good slip on muffler later.

As far as I know the HRC and stock drilled tip still have spark arrestors and baffles.

Alway's better a little rich than a little lean i would think a 170 would be a little lean . Have you checked your plug? i just drilled my tip with a basic uncorking and my bike is still quiet. if you look at the massive step down on your factory headers it just seems silly to spend money trying to get more power out of the stock exhaust.


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