Tera-flex users

How many of you guys use the II dot version ? Any xr600r users ? Looks like many dr400 guy use them . I wanted to know if the clearence is an issue on my 600 .

I had a 600 but the biggest tire I had on it was a 120/100 Maxxis IT. I now have the same tire on my 650R. I think I had more clearance with the same tire on the 600 so I'm guessing the TF II will fit on your bike if that tire can be used on the 650R. Sorry if this is a bass ackwards way of answering your question. :naughty:

I just got the Teraflex II but I am on a 650r. I am changing the front sprocket to a 13 tooth from a 14 tooth to give a little more clearance. Just too close to the front of the swingarm with the stock chain. I may still have to add a link. I believe the 600 will be really similar. I have a buddy that may put one on his 600r so if you do yours first you'll have to report back to us. Thanks!

My desert mich is pretty worn in middle. After doing a search here using ter-flex as key word , I got to read all the posts. Pretty convincing! Except for one guy who said he and his bud both ride equally same styl and speed etc. He said after he put on tera-flex he was not as fast as his bud.And his bud agreed . But this is only one guy and maybe he is bias or a connection with another company or related to. most of the dr400 or wr 400 s are using the TFII

The flex is not always an easy tire to ride with, and it will absorb a lot of power, and if you do not adjust your gearing, you will be 'geared-up' quite a bit compared to almost any other tire.

It is the traction-champ, however, and that's why I'm stickin' with it.

I think if you want the best traction you can get, but a skosh more streetability, or a little more rock traction, the 140-series MT21 is the choice.


I'm 99% dirt , unless doing a dual-sport event.

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