side cover help request

Would like to switch from white to blue side covers on my '01 WR426 - but only YZ side covers are listed in catalogs. Are they the same? If not, where to get blue WR side covers?

Pretty sure they are the same but not positive. :naughty:

I would check into a billet aluminum company in your area take them your cover and have them make you one then take it to a anodizing shop in your area and have them anodize it. you will have a one of a kind side plate that you can have etched or engraved with anything and all under 100.00 easy just a thought :naughty:

Actually it's the white plastic side number plates I need help on. All listings for different side panels are for YZ's, they do not include the WR's like they do for other plastic parts, hence my question.

Who would I ask that might know? I would like to get blue side panels for my '01 WR426.

i know UFO makes blue for both yz and wr 450, but i'm not sure about the older bikes :)

They are the same at least for the older models (mine's a '99) have to make some cuts for the WR to accommodate the overflow reservoir.

The Acerbis brand will actually have dotted lines to follow for your cuts.

I can't vouch for USA spec' WR's, but Aussie WRF's (400/426) have a wider sidecover on the RHS to clear the large round stock muffler. Aussie YZF's have an oval shaped muffler, and therefore a narrower RHS sideplate. When I fitted a YZF muffler to my WR426F, I bought UFO sidepanels. The RHS UFO sidepanel was around an inch narrower than the stock WR426F sidepanel. Hope this helps? :)

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