Best on-line place to buy a case of Yamalube?

I have been searching around and only found a few places that sell it and wondered where others had found it at. I am sure some people go to their local dealership to get it but after my experience today I am never going back.

For starters, they have about 50,000 parts in a room that could only comfortably fit 5,000 and I kept feeling like their was gonna be an avalanche and I would get crushed. Then I walked out to leave and saw a used YZ250F sitting out front (my buddy is looking for an 03) so I went in to ask how much. The look I got when I asked made me want to punch the guy and then he says "That one is in for service". I am thinking, how am I supposed to know your shop sucks so d@mn bad you have to leave bikes sitting out in the rain that are awaiting service?! I am going to do my parts ordering on-line and go to another town to find my next bike. I am sure those in the Bloomington area are familiar with who I am talking about so I won't mention names. Thanks for the info.

I always use, but the TT store might have it as well.

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