Edelbrock owners

I'm just curious of everyone settings on the E carb, your elevation,etc...

I'm at 500 to about 3500 feet el., My carb is on the 19e needle, 18 clicks from full rich,1 3/4 out on the a/p screw, my side panel is opened up, stock header with FMF Q muffler........... :naughty:

19 needle, 15 clicks, 2.0 turns out.

HRC kit, head work, air box mod, Pro-Circuit T-4 full system.

same elevations as you.

Without checking if my memory is correct i'm @ 14 out with home made tip , & no snorkel . Otherwise stock. (94 xr600r)

19 needle 13 clicks and 1 1/2 on the pump - stock exhaust HRC tip, opened up airbox with a UNI no screen - 0 to 3500 elv :naughty:

runs like a raped ape :naughty:

19 needle, 16 clicks, 2.0 turns out, Edelbrock bored out to 40mm X 42mm insted of the stock Edelbrock 36mm X 42mm

680cc 102.4mm piston, cam, 3mm oversized intake valves, holes in air box, Uni, Moriwaki full exhuast (one of the most free flowing exhuast systems) I am thinking of messing with my 17 needle and seeing if I can make the bottom ritcher. On the Dyno I was way lean at the bottom and just right after 3200rpm.


Do your bikes pop on decel with the settings you guys are running. I finally got mine to stop poping. I have the 19e needle, HRC tip, 500 to 3500 feet, open airbox and side cover however mine is 10 clicks from full rich which is richer than all of you guys. It ran good at 13 clicks and the plug looked good but I got tired of hearing all of the poping when I got off of the gas. :naughty:

Do your bikes pop on decel with the settings you guys are running...

Most of our bikes (XR's, WRF's, CRF's) pop a 'little' on decel the way I have them setup, but depending on the time of year they sometimes pop a little more at night than in the day due to significant changes in temperature. Excessive popping is often a sign of running too lean, but a little popping can be perfectly normal.

I don't recall my specifics on how my 650r carbs are setup, but I recall one of my carbs (the first one I bought in 2001) is at ~12 clicks out with #18 needle and ~1.6 turns out on the pump screw. This bike runs a stage 1 HotCam, Moriwaki exhaust, opened side panel and some internal mods to the airbox. My other two 650r's are using 19 neeldes, one of which I've modified and they're both set at around ~18 clicks out and ~2.25 or ~2.5 turns out on the pump screw and these carbs are the newer models with the cast float bowls.

Yeah, If I go any leaner then 18 mine really pops on decel......

I forgot to add that I'm using a Iridium plug, But I don't think that would make a diff................... :naughty:

i have a little pop on decel which i was told is fine per Rob Barnum. Iam very happy with my carb it pulls hard all the way from idle to 5th gear WFO :naughty:

Thanks for the feedback guys. I may just put it a couple of clicks back to lean and let it pop a bit on decel since it did run very well set a bit leaner. Dealing with this now makes me understand what the enriching circuit on the stock carb was all about.

Thanks for the replys guys.......... :naughty:

Mine has slight popping on decel. I think I will go 1 click richer to see what happens and how she performs..... :D

Still my favorite mod besides the suspension rework........... :naughty:

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