Hi-compression Piston?!?

well i have seen these all over ebay and just curious to the possible gains of installing one...

i am not going to be doing one anytime soon but wanted to know how it boosted more top end power over the low end or what? what type of gas is required with this increase in compression... say 13-1 now...

anyone have any experience running this in any type of bike or vehicle


gonna gain a couple horse and need at least 100+ octane i recon. I hear the vp4 gas will give you 1-2 hp alone so that plus the high compression piston and i spose u'd be lookin at 3-4 hp probably if not more

Most people I know who run a 13:1 in a YZF find that 91-93 is adequate. VP Ultimate 4 (U4) is 92 Octane, BTW. 100 is not necessary. The piston should gain you about one full horsepower, as would U4, with or without the extra compression.

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