hello back in 2000 i bought a 1999 wr 400 and well in 01 it had a really bad day with it. destroyed the shock linkage motor damage and so on... so in the corner of the garage it sat till last week. does any one have a shock or a stock exhaust they are looking to sell??? and also are 400 426 and 450 are the same shock and linkages right yz and wr??

TY Joey

There is a stock can on ebay for sale from an 03. Search wr450f if you are interested. I think it will fit on your bike but i'm not sure. Sorry to hear about your misfortune :naughty:

sweet ty..... ya i was racing motocross with it and it didnt like the big tripple lol so i went out and got a 03 450 and i am looking to get back in to the woods again. :naughty:

All of the mufflers up till 05 all will bolt right up. The 05 will fit also but the rear mount is different, same location just different. It is rubber mounted.


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