Can you give me a push w/ these tire choices?

got 700 miles now on my 04 WR450 and still with the stock tires. A guy at the cycle shop told me people really like the Maxxis tires and at a little cheaper than the Michilins. Think I might give Maxxis a try.

I go through phases... I think the Maxxis ITs are great tires, and I don't think the fronts are junk at all, just not the most aggressive. I dunno what Maxxis puts in their rubber but those tires really do last a long time compared to the other brands. I get a slammin deal on Dunlops and Bridgestones, so I've been running the 756's. I love the tires...

You might also consider the brigestone 401a for the front. The tire is available in an oversized 90/100-21 size. I really like it at the s-hole jordan river track. It wears well and has excellent traction.

Another vote for the Bridgestone 401 up front :naughty:

Bridgestone 401 front and 402 rear. :)

M12 front, Maxxis IT rear. The IT is the BEST tire I have used from a longevity standpoint, and I have tried ,many versions of all the major brands. It si always a balance between longevity and traction, but I will take a 5 ride Maxxis on the rear over a Bridgestone or Dunlop any day. More knobs mean better tractions. The Michelin has been a very good performer up front, but may trie the new SI up front next go around.

The Dunlop 756 on the front is great. I am not a fan of the S12's. The profile of the tire prevents me from getting bit when I want to make a turn. The back tire doesn't matter as long as it is on sale. I burn them up so quick I can't even remember one from the other.

Here is the thing about tires. You ask 100 people and you get 100 answers. Just buy a tire, burn it up, if you like it buy it again, if you don't try something else.

I use Metzeler MC 5 front and Maxxis IT on the rear. I have got another IT to go on the back but I might try a Michy or the 756 next time. I find the MC5 much better than the 739 especially the softer it gets.

I'm on my third set of front S-12 and rear M-12. It's an almost do everything combo, except for may be really hard surface riding. I experienced some front knob chunking with a front S-12. But I have to admit I was playing(practicing) stoppies.

I have a set of front and rear Maxxis HT I want to try on hard surface. I'll let you know how it went.

I have the S12/S12 combo and love it. Get the big one for the rear - it is 140/80 - 18. I got mine from for 47.99/F and 57.99/R. Put the HD tubes in while you're at it! I am still running 14/12 psi F/R because we keep getting a little rain which keeps things soft.

I found the stock front tire to be evil and the rear to be mediocre.


Well, I ordered the S12 Rear and M12 front; local shop will do them for $150 mounted, which I suppose isn't too bad of a price... I'm going to throw the bridgestone HD tubes in at the same time too.

However, I ordered the same size as Michelin calls for stock for it; is that size ok, or is it smaller than usual?

What size does Michelin call for?


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