Rear Rack

i was looking for a rear rack for my 650l after reading about sub frame breakage not sure! :naughty: has anybody out there had good luck with a rear rack if so where did you purchase it ????

Most of the rear racks are small and there's not a good way to secure stuff to it. So I made my own. I used steel bar and angle iron to make brackets supported from the taillight and the turn signal mounts. Then I fitted a 12" x 17" cutting board (yea like the one in a kitchen) and then - here's the cool part - mounted a "Collapsible" box - 14" X 21" that in the folded down position allows you to mount stuff on a large flat surface or pop it open to carry 2 full bags of grocery's. I use a cargo net to cover the top so things don't fly out. It works spectacular, never seen anything out nearly as cool and I can carry as much as I want. Never had any problems with the sub-frame and have had "Zero" problems with the set-up. I bought the "BOX' at the "Container Store" which is a chain here in th S.F Bay area.

So I made my own.

Sounds a pic you can share? :naughty:

I've got a happy trails rack, its the only rack I could find that allowed me to still keep the use of the tool pouch. Price was $150.00 delivered and I love it. The subframe on my xr600r cracked after 18 years of riding(86 model) and I just welded a triangle brace into it and problem solved. The subframes may crack after heavy loads or lots of vibration but its not a hard fix. I expect sometime the subframe to crack on my L as well but it may not either. Hope this helps.

Yes Yes! a pic please :naughty:


thanks for the info i like the sounds of the collapsable box idea i wish i had a container store would love to seee some pics

thanks rjc i started making a rack & seeing how that rack was hooked to the bike gave me a way to hook my rack up thanks again for the info!

......i got a scott summers rack 4 my it and use it often.........

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