The three chain rollers the XR650L (High mileage)

I wondered, soon after I purchased my XR650L (back in May 1996) why Honda has that little chain rubber pad located nearest the coutershaft sprocket. It does nothing but wear out, and rub the heck out of the chain. I wore it down to the bolt. So I installed a roller at about 1800 miles and it has been there ever since (so about 48,000 miles give or take.)

Sometime two or three years ago I got tired of replacing that rubber thingy on the rear chain guide too, so I replaced that with two other chain rollers.

When I was working at Ironman Sprockets, I talked with someone from T.M Designworks (makers of the indestructable slippers and sliders). They said the Quad guys buy chain guides that have the rollers integrated into them, while dirtbike guys apparently don't like the idea of having rollers on the rear chain guide....

Even the guy at TM designworks was amazed at my claim of how long that front chain roller of mine has lasted, and that was a conversation from a year and a half ago.

I've got links to the pics I took on 4/28/05 Thur, they are around 300kb each.

They are not pretty pictures. This bike has over 50,000 miles (20,000 hard.) It is my primary commute vehicle, insured as, and I treat it as such.

Front Roller

Rear Rollers

What rollers do you use and where do you get them?

What service have you done to the motor- valves, rings, etc? I just purchased a 93 xr650L with 14K miles. Runs pretty good but I am considering freshening it up.

The rollers are MSR chain rollers. I disassemble them whenever I think about it (not often) and pack them with Bel-Ray Water Proof Grease; it's been a couple of years now.

MSR Chain Rollers

If the link doesn't work, google: MSR Motorcycle "Chain Rollers"

You can find them on many internet retailer sites.

Service I've done on the motor/bike? Desmogged!! Raced excessively hard! Run totally out of all traces of oil - twice! Wrecked at over 100mph indicated 3 times. I've had it apart twice. new 2nd gear, new head (valves, guides etc.), new cam-chain-tensioner(2). New frame. Welded frame - then powdercoated it. Second set of rear brake pads (I never/rarely use the rear brakes), 15 sets of front brake pads. Five chains. Four countershaft sprockets. Original rear sprocket replaced at over 40,000 with no measurable wear - just dirty. Suspension service for the first time in 2003 (7 years after purchase). Original shock and fork seals! 6 speedometer cables (POS!). 4th clutch cable. Clutch friction plates replaced in 2004 (after 8 years.) Steering head bearings and races. 3 kick-stand springs :naughty:!! 1 set of handlebars. 3 sets of "Ken Sean" fold-away mirrors. Original front and rear fenders - and it shows. New OEM Fenderbag and footpegs (2002.)

If your 650L isn't buring/losing any oil, then there is nothing you need to do to freshen it up. Desmog it. Change the oil at least once a ... whenever you get around to it.. at 14,000 miles, it's still a baby :naughty:

Thanks for the info guys. I appreciate the link, Dave, but someone before me installed a 600R carb. It had a huge flat spot off idle so I first installed a larger slow jet. That reduced but did not eliminate the flat spot. Since the idle seemed plenty rich I raised the needle one notch to the richest position. Throttle response is now pretty good- it will now wheelie in second gear on the street! I think it's time to do something about that slippery Ceet seat cover so I don't embarrass myself... :naughty::naughty:

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