New WR-450

I just bought a '05 WR-450 on wednesday. I havent even taken it out yet. Yesterday I decided to start it and warm it up (new toy can't leave it alone). 1st the thing will not idle

(oops posted early)

2nd I noticed the header pipe was visually hot, like red hot.

3rd on the cylinder head there is a whole that seems to be threaded (like a screw should go there. Is any or all of this normal (new to 4 strokes) does any one out there have any advise?

Header pipe does glow, don't let your bike idle for long, they need air flow to keep them cool.

Where abouts on the head is the hole?

I Appreciate it! on the side (right side) of the cylinder head, right inbetween where the head bolts to the cylinder there is a little hole. do you know if there is supposed to be? I cant really tell by looking at the pics in the service guide.

tcjive, where do you live in GA? you may need to adjust your fuel screw depending on altitude to get a smooth idle. I.E. what works in Atlanta doesn't quite cut it in Suches.

red pipe is normal

not sure on hole.

The hole is a drain for the spark plug well.

When you wash the bike don't spray directly into the hole.

in lawrenceville. I ride orv trails in dahlonega and blairsville. Sometimes I go to durham town. I'm alway's looking for new places to ride though!!

gregwr450f thanks for the info, now i'm calm. I though they didn't finish preping my bike prior to my taking delivery and I was a little ticked after spending all that cash.

No probs, just remember don't let it idle for more then about 3mins.

Another thing you can do to it is put some heat reflective tape on the bottom part of the rad to reflect the heat coming of the header pipe.

And do a search on TT for the free mods to make it kick butt :naughty:

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